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Las Palmas trailer

February 15th, 2011 Posted in NEWS | 26 Comments »

If you would like too see the whole film, please visit:
Konstmässan Market, Stockholm, 2011.02.18 – 2011.02.20
Gallery Magnus Karlsson, #36
Opening hours: Fri: 12-19, Sat, Sun: 12-18

Las Palmas wins Startsladden and Audience Award

February 15th, 2011 Posted in NEWS | 9 Comments »

Las Palmas wins the short film award of Gothenburg Int’l Film Festival, Startsladden, as well as the Audience Award. The Award is 800 000 SEK in cash and production value. Plus a bit of honour. The Jury statement reads: “Startsladden 2011 goes to a tragicomic movie in a crazy world that feels terribly familiar. An ingenious hybrid of Sällskapsresan and Easy Rider, which goes straight into our hearts”. Read the rest of this entry »

Las Palmas opens 34th Gothenburg Int’l Film Festival

February 11th, 2011 Posted in NEWS | 5 Comments »

The short film Las Palmas opens the 34th Gothenburg Int’l Film Festival at the 28th of February as intro to the norweigan feature King of Devil’s Island (Kongen av Bastøy). The screening was preceded by a puppet show on stage featuring marionette puppets from the film.

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