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Cartoon d’Or nomination for The Tale of little Puppetboy

July 13th, 2010 Posted in award, NEWS, PUPPETBOY

The nominees for Cartoon d'Or 2010. Photo: Valerie De Halleux.

The Tale of little Puppetboy is nominated for the Cartoon d’Or 2010, the award for the best European animated short film. The jury has selected the finalists among 29 short films that received an award at one of the Cartoon d’Or partner festivals. The winner will be announced on Friday 17th September 2010 in Sopron (Hungary). The award is a trophy together with a financial aid of 10,000 EUR, supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.
Link to the announcement.

The Cartoon d’Or is the pan-European award for animation short films. The finalists for this award, created in 1991 by CARTOON to support the European talent in animation, were chosen among 29 prizewinning films from Europe’s most prestigious animation festivals over the past year. Competition for the Cartoon d’Or is limited to winners of awards from one of these festivals.

The winner will be announced in Sopron, Hungary, September 17th during the Magyar Cartoon Forum, the platform to boost the co-production and distribution of European animation for television.

“Short films from Norway and Sweden are among the five finalists for the Cartoon d’Or 2010, the pan-European award for the best animated short film of the year. These nominations confirm the buoyancy of animation in the Nordic countries, where fresh vision and talent have been instrumental in developing one of the most promising animation industries in Europe” says the Cartoon organization in a press release.

The following films have been nominated for Cartoon d’Or 2010:

“A Family Portrait”, Joseph Pierce, UK
“Krokodill”, Kaspar Jancis, Estonia
“Logorama”, H5 (François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy & Ludovic Houplain), France
“Sinna Mann”, Anita Killi, Norway
“The Tale of Little Puppetboy”, Johannes Nyholm, Sweden

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